Today I was talking with a brother over lunch and this thought occurred to me: Is your life just a routine or is it an adventure?  So often I get caught up in the day-to-day grind.  Each day begins to blend together with the last, until it is like I am executing a computer program, a routine.  There is something in us that abhors this idea.  We hate the thought that our life is the same every day and has no real meaning, effect, or impact.  We can’t stand it that there is no passion, zeal, or excitement in our daily lives. 

This is because we are created for so much more than we settle for.  The life as a follower of Jesus Christ should be an ever changing adventure.  A heart that is fully yielded to Jesus allows Him to guide it through the day and sees all the events that unfold as a part of God’s plan.  Every person that we encounter, and every event that takes place, is placed there by God Almighty!   He has a purpose and plan for what He wants to do through us each and every day.  If we let Him, He will constantly push us out of our comfort zone to share Jesus’ love with people.  He will ask us to risk or sacrifice (respect, friendship, money, time, our plans) for what He is wanting in that moment. 

With Jesus leading our life, we never know what He will do next.  If we are fully surrendered to Him, we don’t even know where He will call us to go next.  Perhaps He wants me to stay in Seattle and continue to do His work here.  He does today.  But, I have no idea what He may say tomorrow, or the next day!  Who is He going to bring into my life today to share Christ with?  Or, Who is He going to call me to go and minister to tomorrow?  Will he come upon me in a powerful way today and cause me to fall to my knees in prayer for someone, interceding for them, because He is about to do something great in or through their life?  Will a brother or sister in Christ call me up and speak a convicting or encouraging, God-breathed, word into my heart at just the right time when I needed to hear it?  Am I the one who needs to make that call to a friend?  I don’t know.  But finding out is the great adventure!

As a Christan our life should never be boring.  My brother in Christ, Mike, has been reading a story to me about Brother Yun from his book “The Heavenly Man“.  Brother Yun was used amazingly as a messenger of Jesus Christ in communist China.  He was constantly persecuted and on the run.  For him every day was a new adventure in which he knew that his savior was victorious.  If we are not being constantly stretched and challenged to step out of ourselves and take a step of faith then we need to asses why.  If life is boring, we are missing what God had planned for us that day.

Jesus, may I live my life in the will of God so much that each day can be described as an adventure.  May I seek what you are doing in every moment and in every day.  Show me where you are working.  Jesus help my life to be so transformed, from the “normal” life of the people in this world, that it is a compelling testimony to you!  May the sweet aroma of the knowledge of you permeate my life in such a way that all will see and give glory to you! (2 Corr 2:14, Matt 5:16)