Last night was our Millennial Bible Study.  It was good hearing what everyone is going through.  We each the opportunity to repent of some things.  It is so good and necessary to have that kind of accountability.  I praise God for a group of close believing friends that I can trust with the filth that seems to keep piling up in my life.  I praise God that through Jesus Christ I don’t have to allow that filth to enter my life in the first place.

A few months ago God took me down a journey showing me the importance of prayer.  I can sense that this was just the beginning of what He wants to reveal to me about this powerful weapon.  I believe that out of all the things we can do for God (random acts of kindness, witnessing, giving, serving) that Satan fears this one most of all.  God doesn’t move unless we call down His power in the lives of people. 

“The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.” ~ James 5:16

I am creating a page to this blog called my “Prayer Journal”.  It will be a place that I can publicly list the prayers that God lays on my heart.  What is great about this is that I will also be able to publicly record His answers to these prayers.  Join me in prayer for these things.  contact me and provide me with your request of God and I will pray for them as well. 

I am committing today to begin spending more time praying than I have been.  Those of you who know me please hold me accountable to this.  Jesus, show me what and who you want me to pray for. 

Today’s God-inspired prayer:

God, please help “N” to become so unsatisfied with all the world has to offer.  May he well up with an unexplainable desire for something greater.  Use “Phillip” (whoever that is) in his life to direct him to you.  Amen.